Saturday, July 03, 2010

Dear Diary,
I'm feeling so ARGH!!!!!!!!!! Damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate this feeling and I don't know what to do.
Sorry to people around me for not letting you guys know or what so ever. If I have change to the worst I'm totally sorry and please ever do you know what I did. DO NOT FORGIVE ME. Neither do I expect you guys to forgive me. Now in decision on what to do.

To all my love ones: Daddy, Bro, Baby and sisters... If you get to know... All I can say is im sorry...Knowing what will be the consequences...

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Dear Diary,
Back blogging... On Tues had class BBQ. Went there around 2plus... From there we did nothing but gamble and eat as all of us waiting for the three chefs to arrive. At around 8plus went to pick the chefs up than we had some chat when some classmates wanted to drink. Within 15mins they were back with all the liquor and beer. Poor TiaHeng. Jio-ed chef Samson to drink. His name NEARLY CHANGED TO " BO LAM PAH" haha!!!! Hilarious night.
At around 11plus 12, most of the class wanted to set off for home. While Firman asked if we wanna go pub and drink... Decisions were made. Spent the night with Firman, Arif, Julian and Baby drinking. Within like 1-2hour I went K.O. haha! poor them had a difficult time waking me up. Around 3plus cabb-ed to baby's house... At around 6.30 cab back home.
When reached home slept till around 2plus bath and got out of house bought some stuffs and cab to baby house to meet baby, firman and arif. Around 8 cab back to bedok with baby....

Today is like fcuking bored. Didn't went out with Baby but stayed back at home. When Baby went out with him friends for interview. And Baby got the job. And was super worried for baby when i called him and he said that his friend was in an accident. Thought that he was involved, thank goodness nothing happened to his friend and himself.
Shall end here and continuing ROTTING TO DEATH.!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby bought for m Frolick yogurt:DD

That's my beloved-d boyyy!!!

And basically,
this two guys (on the top & bottom photo)
are one of the jokers,
best-friends and blackshot kaki:)))

Eeewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! My blog smells MOULDY!!!!
Anyway, back blogging after the don't know chiang dynasty...
BLAH! I don't even know what SHIT I'm babbling...
This is where i can really spit out everything about.
Why not on FB cause my daddy's eyes are everywhere....
Coming straight to the story is that I love Andrew S.Y.H:))))
Today, baby said that he wants to bring me out romantic...
Although it wasn't like strolling on the beach holding hands or either watching sunset.
I still enjoyed every hour, every minute and every second with him.
No matter where we go or what we do, I just love to be with him...
Today, baby brought me to watch IP, the legend is born.
Had frolick ice-cream, late lunch together at pastamania and played pool:))
Today's time all spent at cine, than cab back home from there
AS........ I had to be home by 8pm:'(( {SADD-EDDD}
Never mind... Anyway tml going to meet baby again,
as we'll be gong for class BBQ.
And that is I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!:DD

Monday, May 17, 2010

DCS & DPB April intake jokers!!! Cheers for all to graduate together!

Iffah from DPB... She was my new friend :DD

Dear Diary,
Back blogging after a hectic week.

I LOVE MY BOY!!! 150510 is our day...
I feel obsessed with my boyfriend because he has a pair of cute eyes,
and his chubby cheek:) HAHA!!!
Bibi, I feel happy with you, freeloaded of everything. You make me feel peaceful... I just love you so much although we know each other for a short period...

It's so crazy for me for not sleeping for almost less than three hours for four days in a row... Had the "little will" to do my project, but ARGH! Didn't do till today I just submitted... Anyway, i had total fun on Sat after school... Firman planned a class outing but due to test and exams coming up, most of them couldn't make it... So those who had the time to fork out playing to relax before another hectic week went. We played till mad, Darren was being grabbed, swung into the sea. Iffah drank-ed till tipsy, I was being pulled by Firman into the sea. First try saved, Second try damn!!! I lose balance and fell... All drenched. Played till around 9.30pm went to wash up... Took a bus back to Vivo, during the trip back had a deep sleep, walked to the MRT station after that with Andrew and Darren. Sorry people that we didn't stayed back with you for dinner... Too tired! After MRT trip took a bus back with Andrew. Reached home at 12am...
Slept till around 1.30pm MSG-ed baby, bath and went to meet him before his work started... Time just passed so fast, I just wish the time just stopped. Anyway, was with baby after that walked with him to his work place and after that left for home i lost my way luckily i found bus stop which was heading back home. Than home sweet home... :DD

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear Diary,
Code of the week:
A sucessful chef are those who willing to accept failure, and move on in life...

Back blogging once again, today had to go school damn early for HMIS... Than went yellow box with Firman and clique... After yellow box, went back class for Chef Adrian's E.F.K lesson after that went down delilli to buy some things to eat but due to the long queue we proceeded to the vending machine when saw my senior Ray, chat with him awhile than went back for Demo... 10mins before lunch break was over had a sudden swap with Maybelline for I.S. thanks to her that today can get to enjoy some fun... Cooking was still successful but when comes so the tasting part it sucks... And today, after way throughout the I.S. lesson went yellow box and we saw cats getting horny wanting to have sex, can you believe it with so many people the cats don't feel embarrassed. Damn... Went back solo room had our dishes dished out went for tasting, bad comments back:S Damn! ARGH!!! NVM, well i look forward to school and my future boyfriend too... so excited to see him tomorrow:DD

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dear diary,
Very soon in two hours, it's going to be mothers' day. Above the photo is the only photo that i can find that is just my mom and I... And for me i don't have anything special to say to my mom because of that sentence that she told me, the move that she made, her obedience towards strangers than her parents... I don't know if she had realised that what she have done has made me today to disobeying my elders or people whom have authority over me... Perhaps what she have done, she thinks that is best for my brother and I but i totally disagree with that. Because of that move that act i began to have distrust in people around me... Thinking that they are always wolf in sheep skin.

Hopefully, i will be as strong as Willy mentally and spiritually...Mom, if you happen to read my blog hopefully you'll understand my feeling... I know i cannot totally blame you because it takes both hands to clap, somebody to take the step of faith. And are you and daddy going to patch up this hole in the wall or to totally break up the wall please make your decisions. Life has been real tough over this 9years not having both of you by my side... Always having to keep all my unhappiness to myself and didn't dare to tell you guys anything because you all are always too busy with your own things giving that kind of attitude and expression really pissed me off. I really don't know what else to say, but anyway
Mom, happy mothers' day to you thank you for bringing me to this world... Thank you.



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